Zdeněk Franc

Mr. Zdeněk Franc, SKODA Supervisor

zdenek-francZdeněk Franc was born in Mladá Boleslav in 1983. He graduated at Czech Technical Univeristy in Prague, Faculty of electrotechnics in 2008. Field of his study were Assisted Global Navigation Satelite Systems. After succesfull finishing the university he started to work for Technical Development SKODA AUTO a.s., department Special projects of electrostrategy and research, where he focused mainly on driving simulators and objective HMI verification. He was involved also in several funded research projects, both national (DAR, Surf, CKAPJB) and EU (eVectoorc, iCompose). Currently he is working for Concept development department in an area of driving simulations and objective evaluation of HMI concepts.

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