Tushar Chugh

MSc Tushar Chugh, Early Stage Researcher 2, MI2

tushar_chughTushar Chugh was born in New Delhi, India on October 04, 1989. He received his Master’s degree (M.Sc.) in Automotive Engineering from RWTH Aachen, Germany in 2016. Prior to his masters, he has worked for 2 years at Suzuki Motor Corporation in Vehicle Dynamics group as a testing engineer. During his masters, he did his internship and thesis at Porsche AG in Vehicle Dynamics and Performance group which was primarily focused on the performance of different suspension systems (steel/air springs, active/passive dampers) on vehicle handling and ride comfort. Presently, he works in the field of vehicle dynamics control systems at Volvo Cars and enrolled at Chalmers University as a PhD student. His research focus is going to be in the domain of virtual steering control and steering feel model (attributed to vehicle handling and steering autonomous functions).

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