Sidharth Das

MSc Sidharth Das, Early Stage Researcher 11, MD1

sidharth_dasSidharth Das was born in Cuttack, India on May 21, 1989. He started career in automotive at Tata Motors Limited in 2011, as a graduate trainee after completion of bachelor studies. Sidharth obtained a Master’s degree in Automotive Engineering from the Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg (Sweden) in 2014. In his master’s thesis, he investigated the topic “Tyre modelling for Rolling Resistance” at LeanNova Engineering AB in Trollhättan, Sweden. Currently, Sidharth is a Marie Curie Fellow at Flanders Make in Lommel, Belgium and is pursuing a PhD at the doctoral school of KU Leuven. The focus of his research is path planning methods for (semi-)autonomous multi actuated ground vehicles with electric power train.

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