Marco Viehweger

MSc Marco Viehweger, Early Stage Researcher 14, MD4

marco_viehwegerBorn in Wolfsburg, Germany, on 3 September 1988, Marco Viehweger received the master’s degree in Automotive Engineering from Technical University Ilmenau, Germany, in 2015. During his undergraduate studies, Marco first broadened his perspective through an internship at the Interior Engineering group of Tesla Motors in 2011/2012 and through carrying out his bachelor’s thesis in the area of engineering mechanics. After that, his research during graduate studies focused on vehicle dynamics, especially in the field of tires and control systems. He joined KU Leuven in 2016 and is matriculated in KU Leuven’s Arenberg Doctoral School as PhD student. His current research focuses on distributed sensor fusion for MAGV state and parameter estimation.

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