Manuel Acosta Reche

MSc Manuel Acosta Reche, Early Stage Researcher 13, MD3

manuel_acosta_recheManuel Acosta Reche (Toledo, Spain – 1990) gained his Master degree in Machinery Design and Transportation, Carlos III University (Madrid, 2014). Previously, he studied Industrial Engineering (Mechanics) at the University of Castilla La Mancha (Ciudad Real, 2008-2013). In 2014 he started his automotive career working as Data Analyst and Scrutineering engineer for the European Championship International GT Open. In 2015 he moved to Barcelona and started working for the Spanish Proving Ground IDIADA Automotive Technology. Initially, he took the role of Project Engineer in the objective testing team (Vehicle Dynamics Department) being involved in projects related to chassis characterization, benchmarking, objective-subjective correlation and target setting. After this initial stage, he joined the Electronic Chassis Control Systems team, where he worked intensively in projects related to chassis system evaluation (analysis and manoeuver execution). He is a Marie Curie Fellow at Coventry University (UK). His research interests include agile manoeuvring, experimental data acquisition, estate estimation and vehicle dynamics control.

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