Enrico Regolin

MSc Enrico Regolin, Early Stage Researcher 4, MI4

enrico_regolinEnrico Regolin received in 2013 the M.Sc. degree in Automation Engineering from the University of Padova. His Master Thesis work was carried out in Graz at AVL List Gmbh, and consisted in the control of the lock-up clutch of a torque converter in an AT transmission. After graduating, he worked for 3 years in AVL as Powertrain Engineer in the field of Transmission and Hybrid Control: he was involved in SW development and testing in several SOP and prototype projects. In June 2016 he joined the Dynamic Systems Control research group at University of Pavia: his research interests are currently Sliding Mode Control, Vehicle Dynamics Modelling and Control, Multi-Actuated Controls Optimization, Road Surface Identification.

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