IPG workshop,  09.05.2017

The IPG training course “CarMaker User Training” took place at TU Ilmenau, Germany on 09-11.05.2017.

First annual project review meeting, 24.01.2017

The first annual review meeting took place at Coventry University, United Kingdom on 24-25.01.2017. A final report concerning the meeting main events and contents can be found here.

IEEE Student and Young Professional Congress Sarajevo 2016, 1.12.2016


The 2016 BIH IEEE Student and Young Professional Congress (IEEE SYPC BiH 2016) titled “Technology and Innovation for a brighter future” was focused on providing youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina an insight into the various possibilities and opportunities that exist in the world’s largest professional organization IEEE. Through a variety of technical and non-technical workshops, industry lectures from global experts, professional networking and social events, students and young professionals were able to create new contacts, erase ethnic boundaries and develop collaborative relationships with industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina and around the world.

Presenter: Zlatan Ajanović

Campeon Innovation Week 2016, 27.10.2016

The ITEAM project has been presented at the Campeon Innovation Week, Germany on 27.10.2016. A summary of the event can be downloaded here.

Poster Presenters: Eugenia Dalmau, Stefan Schumi, Vincenzo Ricciardi

Supervisor: Valentin Ivanov

ITEAM poster

Workshop on Optimization, 21.10.2016

The workshop took place at TU Graz, Austria on 18-21.10.2016. The workshop covered the following topics, which were split each into a theoretical and practical part:

  • Deterministic Parameter Optimization (DI Franz Pichler)
  • Stochastic Parameter Optimization (Prof. Piergiorgio Alotto, Prof. Maurizio Repetto)
  • Optimal Control (DI Zlatan Ajanović, DI Michael Hartmann, Dr. Michael Stolz)
  • Model Predictive Control (Dr. Richard Seeber)


FISITA 2016 World Automotive Congress, 30.09.2016

The ITEAM project has beed presented at the FISITA 2016 World Congress, Korea on 26-30.09.2016.


Presenters: Prof. Valentin Ivanov, Prof. Klaus Augsburg

ITEAM project at ResearchGate, 23.07.2016

The ITEAM project page is launched at ResearchGate network.
On this page individual ESR presentations can be downloaded.

ITEAM project group at LinkedIn, 22.07.2016

The ITEAM project group is launched at LinkedIn.

6-month project review meeting, 19.07.2016

The 6-month project review meeting took place at KU Leuven, Belgium on 18-19.07.2016. An torough report of the meeting can be downloaded here.

Kick-Off Meeting, 22.01.2016

The kick-off meeting took place at Technische Universität Ilmenau, Germany on 19-20.01.2015. Short reportage about this event was published by German TV channel ‘mdr Thüringen’.


The Project is started, 6.01.2016

The project ITEAM is started on 01.01.2016. The kick-off meeting will take place at Technische Universität Ilmenau, Germany on 19-20.01.2015.