Year 2016

Conference Papers


  • Agile Maneuvering, from Rally drivers to a finite state machine approach, IEEE SSCI 2016, ESR13

Patent applications

  • Predictive control system for autonomous driving vehicle, Intellectual Property Office of the United Kingdom, ESR6

Year 2017

Conference Papers

 ifac-logo-sized_0  ska%cc%88rmavbild-2016-11-27-kl-15-42-40  iavsdlogo_03
SVM Classification and Kalman Filter Based Estimation of the Tire-Road Friction Curve, IFAC 2017, ESR4

Estimation of Wheel-Ground Contact Normal Forces: Experimental Data Validation, IFAC 2017, ESR7

Sensor based Probabilistic Local Navigation Technique based on Dynamic Window Approach, IFAC 2017, ESR10

Estimation of tire forces, road grade, and road bank angle using tire model-less approaches and Fuzzy logic, IFAC 2017, ESR13

Vehicle Modeling Using Quaternions, IEEE IVS 2017, ESR7

Shared Navigation Control Framework between human and intelligent navigation system based on Machine Learning, IEEE IVS 2017, ESR10

Wheel-Ground Contact Normal Forces Heuristic Estimation Model: Experimental Data Validation, IAVSD 2017, ESR7

Steering Torque Feedback Control With Dynamic Compensation In Electric Power Assisted Steering System, IAVSD 2017, ESR2 and ESR3

 ieee-logo_itss  seattleheader3
Novel testing procedures for autonomous driving, IEEE ITSC 2017, ESR12 Sliding Mode Control Algorithms for Wheel Slip Control of Road Vehicles, ACC 2017, ESR 4
 sae-international  eurobrake media_atzlive_logo
Power Distribution of automated driving vehicles, SAE 2018 World Automotive Congress, ESR5 A novel approach for the estimation of the brake friction coefficient for environmental and safety control applications, EuroBrake 2017, ESR9 Model based safety validation of the automated driving function Highway Pilot, Chassis Tech Plus 2017, ESR12
banner3 Unbenannt.png black-tire-banner
Road grip recognition based on sensor fusion, EUSIPCO 2017, ESR13 Co-pilot concept development, ICINCO 2017, ESR13 Tire wear and particle emission: an experimental approach for a reliable characterization, 36th Annual Meeting and Conference on Tire Science and Technology,  ESR15

Journal Papers

  • Wheel-Ground Contat Forces Real Time Estimation: Experimental Validation, IEEE TITS 2017, ESR7
  • Tire force estimation using NN and RLS, Neural Computing, Springer, ESR13
  • Environmental impact of tire particle emission: Statistical treatment of collected data, SAE International Journal of Passenger Cars, ESR15

Book Chapters

  • SMC Aplications in Wheel SLip Control, SMC Applications in Vehicle Systems Dynamics, ESR4
  • Energy efficient driving in dynamic environment: Considering other traffic participants and overtaking possibility, Comprehensive Energy Management, Springer, ESR6