Publications old

Year 2016

Conference Papers


  • Agile Maneuvering, from Rally drivers to a finite state machine approach, IEEE SSCI  2016, ESR13

Patent applications

  • Predictive control system for autonomous driving vehicle, Intellectual Property Office of the United Kingdom, ESR6

Year 2017

Conference Papers


  • SVM Classification and Kalman Filter Based Estimation of the Tire-Road Friction Curve, IFAC 2017, ESR4
  • Estimation of Wheel-Ground Contact Normal Forces: Experimental Data Validation, IFAC 2017, ESR7
  • Sensor based Probabilistic Local Navigation Technique based on Dynamic Window Approach, IFAC 2017, ESR10
  • Estimation of tire forces, road grade, and road bank angle using tire model-less approaches and Fuzzy logic, IFAC 2017, ESR13


  • Graph searching algorithms for vehicle speed trajectory optimization, IEEE IVS 2017, ESR6
  • Vehicle Modeling Using Quaternions, IEEE IVS 2017, ESR7
  • Shared Navigation Control Framework between human and intelligent navigation system based on Machine Learning, IEEE IVS 2017, ESR10


  • Wheel-Ground Contact Normal Forces Heuristic Estimation Model: Experimental Data Validation, IAVSD 2017, ESR7
  • Development of dynamic compensation in EPAS control for improved vehicle dynamics behavior, IAVSD 2017, ESR3


  • Energy efficient driving and overtaking decision making, IEEE CDC 2017, ESR6


  • Novel testing procedures for autonomous driving, IEEE ITSC 2017, ESR12


  • Sliding Mode Control Algorithms for Wheel Slip Control of Road Vehicles, ACC 2017, ESR 4


  • Power Distribution of automated driving vehicles, SAE 2018 World Automotive Congress, ESR5


  • A novel approach for the estimation of the brake friction coefficient for environmental and safety control applications, EuroBrake 2017, ESR9


  • Model based safety validation of the automated driving function Highway Pilot, Chassis Tech Plus 2017, ESR12


  • Road grip recognition based on sensor fusion, EUSIPCO 2017, ESR13


  • Co-pilot concept development, ICINCO 2017, ESR13


  • Tire wear and particle emission: an experimental approach for a reliable characterization, 36th Annual Meeting and Conference on Tire Science and Technology,  ESR15

Journal Papers

  • Wheel-Ground Contat Forces Real Time Estimation: Experimental Validation, IEEE TITS 2017, ESR7
  • Survey on modelling and techniques for friction estimation in automotive brakes, International Journal of Automotive Technology, ESR9
  • Tire force estimation using NN and RLS, Neural Computing, Springer, ESR13
  • Environmental impact of tire particle emission: Statistical treatment of collected data, SAE International Journal of Passenger Cars, ESR15

Book Chapters

  • SMC Aplications in Wheel SLip Control, SMC Applications in Vehicle Systems Dynamics, ESR4
  • Energy efficient driving in dynamic environment: Considering other traffic participants and overtaking possibility, Comprehensive Energy Management, Springer, ESR6