11th Graz Symposium VIRTUAL VEHICLE- GSVF

Project partners from University of Pavia, Skoda Auto and Virtual Vehicle are participating in 11th Graz Symposium VIRTUAL VEHICLE. Within symposium partners have a chance to network and interact with wide community of automotive industry.  Andrei Aksjonov from Skoda Auto will make a presentation on a topic: “In-vehicle information system assessment methodology based on artificial … Continue reading 11th Graz Symposium VIRTUAL VEHICLE- GSVF

ITEAM at the 15th International Workshop on Advanced Motion Control

On March 9-11, 2018, the ITEAM fellows participated in the 15th International Workshop on Advanced Motion Control (AMC2018). The ITEAM members presented their works in Special Session “Advanced Motion Control Systems for Smart, Green and Integrated Vehicles” AMC2018 is the 15th in a series of biennial workshops that brings together researchers active in the field … Continue reading ITEAM at the 15th International Workshop on Advanced Motion Control

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Entrepreneurial Skills Training 2018

On February 21-23 2018, the ITEAM fellows took part in the Marie Skłodowska-Curie School on Entrepreneurial Skills, which was organized by Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Department of Mechanical Engineering (Division PMA), and held in Heverlee, Belgium. Together with other Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions researchers, ITEAM ESRs attended the lectures on different topics: Complementary skills training Introduction to … Continue reading Marie Skłodowska-Curie Entrepreneurial Skills Training 2018

Uncertainty Quantification Training Course

The Uncertainty Quantification Training Course took place at Hartree Centre STFC Laboratory Sci-Tech Daresbury, Warrington (UK) on 19-21.03.2018. Each day focused on a specific topic. The first two days were dedicated to COSSAN-X and OpenCossan while the last day was devoted to general concepts of stochastic and probabilistic analysis as well as High Performance Computing … Continue reading Uncertainty Quantification Training Course

Spring School “The Mathematics of Risk”

The Spring School was organised by the Institut of Risk and Uncertainty, University of Liverpool (UK) in collaboration with the Institute for Actuarial and Financial Mathematics and took place on 21-24.03.2018. Over the three and a half days a range of methodological approaches to risk and uncertainty quantification and communication was covered, ranging from Probability … Continue reading Spring School “The Mathematics of Risk”

Special lecture at the preparatory camp for Physics Olympiad

What an interesting event! On the 12.01. Zlatan Ajanovic presented the ITEAM project and his research topic “Automated driving and Motion planning” to high school students as a special lecture during the preparatory camp for the Physics Olympiad in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was a very interactive lecture with a lot of questions, as … Continue reading Special lecture at the preparatory camp for Physics Olympiad

Best Presenter Award

Andrei Aksjonov (ŠKODA) received a Best Presenter Award in Electrical Engineering on 17th International Symposium “Topical Problems in the Field of Electrical and Power Engineering” and “Doctoral School of Energy and Geotechnology III” for his presentation titled “A Novel Human-Machine Interface Evaluation Methodology for Passenger Vehicles”. The symposium is an international wide forum for researchers, … Continue reading Best Presenter Award

Mid Term Meeting of ITEAM

The first half of ITEAM Project has succesfully concluded. The meeting took place on the 7th and 8th of November 2017 in the instalations of Virtual Vehicle, Graz, Austria. Our European Comission Project Officer, Mercedes Leguey-Jimenez, the EC Expert Prof. Slawomir Zolkiewski and the Innovation Expert Dr. Thimoty Smithers were key figures during the meeting. … Continue reading Mid Term Meeting of ITEAM

Economy on Wheels, Fast Changes, Slow Structures

  Economy on wheels, fast changes, slow structures - That is the title of the 15th edition of the International Symposium on Heavy Vehicle Transport Technology (www.hvtt15.com). The HVTT15 is organized from 2 – 5 October in 2018 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The HVTT15 is organized by the International Forum for Road Transport Technology (IFRTT). The … Continue reading Economy on Wheels, Fast Changes, Slow Structures