ITEAM consortium set out to foster the development of new hardware and software solutions to enhance the driving performance, to improve the vehicle safety and to reduce the pollutants emissions. In concert with the research goals, the consortium guaranteed a sound and effective collaboration between the academia and industry in order to improve the career perspectives of the talented graduates.

To achieve the project objectives, the consortium drew upon 11 beneficiaries and 5 partner organizations from 9 European countries including 7 universities, 2 research centers, and 7 non-academic organizations: TU Ilmenau (Germany), AVL (Austria), Coventry University (United Kingdom), Flanders Make (Belgium), Infineon Technologies AG (Germany), KU Leuven (Belgium), SKODA Auto (Czech Republic), University of Pavia (Italy), University of Technology of Compiegne (France), VIF (Austria), VOLVO Car Group (Sweden), IPG Automotive GmbH (Germany), Jaguar Land Rover (United Kingdom), TU Delft (Netherlands), University of Liverpool (United Kingdom), UTIA (Czech Republic).

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