IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2018)

IROS is an annual academic conference covering advances in robotics. It is one of the premier conferences of its field (alongside ICRA, International Conference on Robotics and Automation). Under the motto of “Towards a Robotic Society”,  IROS 2018 was held in Madrid, Spain from 1   to 5    October 2018 with the most recent and major advances in the field, accompanied by which might be the largest robotic exhibition in the history of IROS.

During IROS,  Zlatan Ajanovic (VIF) presented results from ITEAM project with contributing paper at the Autonomous vehicles session. The paper is available online on the ITEAM ReseachGate project[1][2] as well as complementary video[3].





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