11th Graz Symposium VIRTUAL VEHICLE- GSVF

Project partners from University of Pavia, Skoda Auto and Virtual Vehicle are participating in 11th Graz Symposium VIRTUAL VEHICLE. Within symposium partners have a chance to network and interact with wide community of automotive industry.  Andrei Aksjonov from Skoda Auto will make a presentation on a topic: “In-vehicle information system assessment methodology based on artificial intelligence”.

The GSVF 2018 will address major needs and challenges of today’s vehicle development and testing: data volume, complexity, connectivity, autonomy, and interoperability are key drivers influencing and altering the automotive value chain as we know it. The seamless, but agile, integration of data-driven, model-centric, and human-centered designs will be the key to succeed. Both, data-oriented approaches based on artificial intelligence (AI) and model-based techniques using, e.g., high-fidelity models are vital in facing the digital revolution in the automotive industry. How to find the right balance is still an open question in research and development.

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