Uncertainty Quantification Training Course, 19-21.03.2018

The Uncertainty Quantification Training Course took place at Hartree Centre STFC Laboratory Sci-Tech Daresbury, Warrington (UK) on 19-21.03.2018. Each day focused on a specific topic. The first two days were dedicated to COSSAN-X and OpenCossan while the last day was devoted to general concepts of stochastic and probabilistic analysis as well as High Performance Computing with practical exercises.

Main Concepts and techniques

  • Random Variables and sets of Random Variables
  • Monte Carlo simulation and advanced simulation techiniques (Subset simulation, Line sampling, Importance sampling, Latin Hypercube Sampling)
  • Global and Local Sensitivity analysis
  • Global optimization techniques
  • Surrogate Models (Artificial Neural Networks, Response surface, Kriging)
  • Reliability and robustness based optimisationIMG_20180319_130250

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