CarMaker User Training, 09-11.05.2017, Ilmenau

The intensive training was delivered in three days, during which the ESRs had the chance to become acquainted with the vehicle dynamics simulation software IPG CarMaker®. The first day of training was dedicated to a general overview of the software with special attention to the graphic user interface (IPG GUI) and the creation of simulation scenarios and driving maneuvers. During the first day, the ESRs were provided with an installation file and a valid license. The first day of training was concluded with a tutorial on the full vehicle parametrization and exercises thereof.

The second day of training was dedicated to the IPG CarMaker® underlying physicality, vehicle dynamics and modelling of vehicle subsystems. The IPG CarMaker® allows for the implementation of external vehicle subsystem components. The compatibility of IPG CarMaker® with Matlab/Simulink® was also subject of the second day of training, which was concluded with a practical exercise on the development of a basic cruise controller.

The third day of training was mostly focused on the CarMaker® plugins, such as the Functional Mockup Interface, the test automation and IPG Traffic environment. Particular attention was paid to the this latter which allows for the creation of complex scenarios involving moving objects (e.g. other vehicles and pedestrians) to test AD and ADAS functions.

During the training practical applications of the software were shown with particular attention to advanced vehicle control (e.g. ABS, TC, ESP), ADAS and AD functions. Several simulation scenarios were prepared by the IPG instructors and assigned to the ESRs for training purposes.

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